Paver and brick garden wall development in Dayton, Ohio

From a small seating wall surrounding your entire garden, to a 20-foot structural retaining wall and everything in between, Schaffners certified installers will provide you with a garden wall installation that will be flawless. What do you want your wall to look like? Stacked stones and boulders give a more natural ambiance, but modern concrete walls look so clean and fresh. You tell us the look you want and we will give you options to achieve it, whether you need seating for 20, or a tiered garden space for your native garden. Our design expert will be able to create it and get the look you want.

Garden wall on front lawn with mulch

Garden walls really define a space. If you have a sloped yard they can create usable areas for a patio, pool, fire pit or outdoor kitchen. The wall can be structural and add seating at the same time. Whether the wall is curved or straight concrete or block, it will be engineered to last for many years.

Garden wall around tree trunk

In many cases garden walls are more of a need than a want. If your property is sliding or moving you need a retaining wall to maintain the structural integrity of your land. We will engineer the right solution so you won’t have to worry about water or land movement.

Garden wall into patio